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NEI Electric has the capability to handle large-scale, multi-million dollar projects, whether they are plan and specification, design/build, or design/assist, and those seeking LEED certification. We offer value engineering, project budgeting, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) as requested by our customers and promote a team approach to project management. Our work experience spans nearly every type of commercial and industrial facility in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin areas. 

Our Electrical Solutions

NEI Electric has electrical designers on staff with over 25 years of experience in the areas of healthcare, commercial, and industrial facilities design, as well as municipal and retail projects. Learn more about our Design/Build or Design/Assist solutions.

Plan and Specification or Design-Bid-Build is the traditional method of project delivery; architects and engineers design the project, contractors with the lowest bid are awarded contracts and the building is built according to the plans and design. Changes are handled through a change order process that quite often adds time and dollars to the final cost to the customer.

NEI Electric has LEED-Accredited Professionals who are able to design projects according to the LEED Standards. LEED-certified buildings are designed to use resources more efficiently and provide healthier work and living environments. Learn more about Leed Certification and NEI’s LEED projects.

We provide equipment installation wiring for all types of facilities and industries. We work closely with the customer to assess their current electrical system and make any revisions needed for the new equipment.

Generator and UPS Systems are critical for many types of facilities from commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, and data centers. NEI Electric has the experience required to design and install the right emergency backup generator or UPS system that meets the needs of the customer. By evaluating the current electrical usage and peak demand of their facility, NEI can verify a specific type and size of a generator to suit.

Troubleshooting, repairs, and electrical maintenance for all types of facilities are handled by our experienced Foremen and Service Technicians. Learn more about our Service Department.

Our team features talented and detail-oriented electrical designers, foremen, and technicians capable of working alongside other contractors on new construction projects. We are able to work with any number of new construction projects, including warehouses, retail locations, education centers, and more.

Additions and remodels often require modifications to electrical equipment or system layout to ensure optimal performance. Our team is able to provide the electrical design and installation necessary to fully integrate commercial and industrial property modifications.

In addition to new equipment installation, we are also capable of installing brand new systems for clients as well. New systems may be needed to accommodate new equipment, to remain up to code, or may simply be a better option than heavily repairing an existing system.

Multi-family housing and retail properties often have unique electrical requirements that have to be regularly maintained to operate optimally. Our team offers regular maintenance services for these clients to ensure their systems work properly year-round.

Elements like temperature control and a reliable, responsive fire alarm system are paramount to workplace safety and customer/employee comfort. NEI Electric is able to install and maintain temperature control and fire alarm systems for a variety of different clients.

NEI Electric provides generator system design and installation to best accommodate building needs. We design cost-effective and efficient generators suitable for building operations.

Why Choose Us?

Each client who chooses NEI Electric for their commercial and industrial needs benefits from a holistic approach to design, construction, and maintenance work. We truly believe that maintaining strong relationships with clients has allowed our business to thrive for decades, and that belief informs the way we do business today. Our highly-trained team goes above and beyond from our smallest projects to the largest. 

What to Expect from Our Commercial Electrical Services

From the moment you contact our team to long after your project is complete, you can expect a professional experience and stellar customer service. Our staff has many decades of combined experience, always remaining on the cutting edge of electrical design and installation know-how. We are always available to answer any questions and concerns and provide affordable solutions to the full spectrum of commercial and industrial needs. 

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